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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

My First Time In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ever since I saw the movie Euro Trip, I had Amsterdam, Netherlands on my destination wish list. I’ve always heard great things about the city; it’s carefree, inviting, etc. and all my expectations of the city definitely were exceeded. I’ve heard of the Red Light District before, but to see the legalized smoking of marijuana, etc. in person and see that people still conducted themselves well without the police getting in involved is simply amazing. As a born & raised New Yorker, I could never see the city I grew up in have minimal rules, while remaining a peaceful, clean, violent free city - sad I don't have much faith in my city. 

Photo and edit by me

While my time in the Dam as they call it was short lived, I really really enjoyed myself and will definitely be visiting again. 

Below are the deeds on what I did, where I ate and places and excursions I would recommend while visiting Amsterdam.

I took a 420 Bake and Dab class through Airbnb experience, which teaches you how to make edibles from scratch. Although I'm not a weed smoker, I thought it would be cool to take a class especially in Amsterdam. How many people can say they've taken a class on how to make edibles? I'm sure not many people in the States have. Also, the hosts Sara and Tom were super cool and the group just chilled for a while after the session was over in their apartment.

Still photo of the dab making process

Take a walk around the Red Light District. You will see tons of brothels, "coffee shops", etc. However, DO NOT FILM or PHOTOGRAPH the prostituties in the windows. It is not allow, so please respect their privacy.

What you'll see in the Red Light District

There's tons of pastry and crepe spots. Do yourself a favor and get one, two, or three crepes at different locations while there. Even the Donut Donuts makes crepes in Amsterdam.

If you’re a seafood lover be sure to visit The Seafood Bar and definitely make reservations a head of time, especially for dinner. The food was so fresh and the place was super clean.

My meal at The Seafood Bar

Take a canal tour around the Dam to take in the beautiful city. I would recommend doing a private canal tour (check out Airbnb experience, there's a ton} and not the big tourist company ones. Why??? In my opinion, the smaller tours are more intimate and seems like more fun. 

Things I did not get a chance to do, but definitely will do when I visit again,
- Visit Anne Frank museum
- I had a Black Tour around Amsterdam schedule via Trip Advisor that a friend    recommended I do, however it was canceled literally 4 hours before     the tour was to start. I was highly disappointment about this.
- Take a tour around other parts of Amsterdam outside of the center city.

And that's part one of my Euro Trip. Have you been to Amsterdam? If so, what's you favorite thing about the city?


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